Everyone told me I had choices, alternatives, but what if I’ve already made the decision?



Those who have experienced the loss of a baby during pregnancy or shortly thereafter may need to be given "permission to grieve."  Grief and the sense of loss can be just as strong and prolonged as with the death of an older child.  Too often, miscarriage is minimized and this loss of life is seen as insignificant; however, most mothers and fathers experience a keen sense of loss.  Your call to us will be confidential and met with compassion.

Alpha offers a ten week group study for women grieving their loss.  You do not have to grieve alone.  The Pregnancy Loss Bible Study, "Threads of Hope, Pieces of Joy," was written by two women who experienced the loss of children through miscarriage and early infant death.  Support with help and hope is available if you are experiencing this sadness.  CALL ALPHA NOW at (270) 885-3820.


Have you felt sadnessguiltisolationdepression?  Have you tried to hide these feelings by using drugs and alcohol?  Or maybe these feelings have triggered an eating disorder?  Have your relationships changed, especially your relationships with the opposite sex?  Did you feel abortion was your only choice?  Alpha Alternative is a confidential place that can help you find healing and forgiveness after an abortion. We know the impact abortion can have on individual lives, and we can give you an opportunity to talk in an honest, non-judgmental environment.  Exposing an abortion secret can be difficult and Alpha Alternative will provide a safe place for you.  The support is offered on an individual basis or as a group and is designed to bring healing and restoration to the brokenness caused by an abortion.  Through a 10 week post-abortion Bible Study,  women realize they are not alone while learning factual and biblical truths to experience hope where there was despair.  CALL ALPHA NOW at (270) 885-3820.


Volunteer peer mentors work one-on-one with all the clients who come into our center. The peer mentor listens to each client with compassion and grace to help them work through difficult times in their lives.

All peer mentors must go through our training session and shadow other mentors before supporting clients on their own. We have one- two trainings per year. Call Alpha at (270) 885-3820, if you are interested or have further questions.