The word sparks different emotions for everyone.

Maybe you think of your own mom and smile. You can’t imagine life without her. She is your greatest cheerleader in good times and encourager in hard times.

Maybe it’s hard to even look at the word “mom” because you are reminded of a broken relationship, or perhaps one that never even began.

Perhaps you think of heaven, as you anxiously wait for the time when you can reunite. You reflect on the time you had with her and imagine what life would be like if she were still here.

Maybe the word doesn’t make you think of your biological mom at all. Maybe the real “mom” in your life has been one who has graciously stepped into that role for you.

Or maybe you’ve never experienced what it’s like to have a mother figure.

Maybe the first thing you think of is you.

Maybe you hear the words “Mommy” “Momma” or “Mom” no less than 52 times a day. You cherish the moments, yet at the same time wonder if you’ll make it through this phase of life with your sanity. You hope you don’t do anything to cause them to be less than their best in life, yet you also sense that ultimately you have little control.

Maybe you are Mom to some with no genetic relation, but you fit every description of Mom. You pour your time, energy and every ounce of love you can give into these people who rely on you. Your love is unconditional, and you don’t take this gift for granted.

Maybe you are overcome with sadness at the thought of the child who is no longer here, or of one you never got to meet. You push back the “what if” thoughts and try your best to move forward.

Maybe you’ve struggled with infertility, and the word “mom” is a painful reminder of the emptiness you long to fill.

Then again, maybe none of these describe you. You are unique and so is your situation. Yet the word “mom” no doubt brings forth some kind of emotion, be it positive, negative or a mix of both.

If you are celebrating, keep enjoying those sweet relationships. Know that you are so important to those around you. You won’t get things right all the time, but God can guide you and bless you in your role as mom or daughter. After all, He is your Father and knows each hair on your head. Also remember that there are those around you who are grieving. Be gracious.

If you are grieving, remember that you are loved. You are important. God has a plan beyond the pain, a plan that heals and restores.

This Mother’s Day, we celebrate you. We celebrate that your mom chose life and that you get to add meaning to the live of those around you.

Alpha is here to help if you need us.We are here to listen and pray. We also offer these specific services:

  • Pregnancy Loss Support
  • Post Abortion Support
  • Parenting Education and Earn While You Learn program (material assistance for you while you are pregnant and continuing until your child turns 2)
  • Free Pregnancy Tests
  • Free Ultrasounds

We recently moved into a larger space and will likely offer even more services in the near future.

We are made up of a staff and volunteer base of women who have experienced different walks of life. We each know different heartaches and different joys, but we all have a desire to encourage and help you in any way that we can.

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