God's Plans Are Better Than Our Plans

There are so many couples that enter into their life together with the shared dream of raising a family.  However, the statistics (from 2010) show that one out of every eight American couples will face infertility.  

That was our story, having an excitement and anticipation that can’t be measured, to begin and grow our family.  

Our dreams were shattered when the reality of our infertility set in.  After years of pursuing all the options modern medicine had to offer, we didn’t know how God was going to fulfill our dream of having a family.

Thankfully, God planned the better path.  A friend had suggested adoption, and frankly, that option never occurred to us.

Through our adoption journey, we became aware that organizations exist, such as Alpha Alternative.  Alpha has trained counselors who have an amazing heart to love people in crisis pregnancies (among the many sexual-health services offered by Alpha), and are equipped with the full counsel of God’s Word.  

We have personally experienced the beauty of what God does through Alpha’s ministry.  A birth-mother came and received care for her emotional, spiritual and material needs, all the while, receiving hope through God’s Word about the precious life that she is carrying.  

The birth-mother is encouraged to carry the child to birth, and place her child for adoption, which, in this couples opinion, is one of the greatest acts of love that any person can give another.

There’s so much more to the story, but, in the end, our family grew as a result of this beautiful child being born and becoming a part of our family.  Adoption is the heart of God, and is a perfect picture of how God loves us.  We are so thankful for His amazing plan for our family!

Thank you, Alpha Alternative, for your heart to deeply love birth-mothers in their greatest hour of need, and providing helphealing and hope to those who walk through your doors.