Breakdown – Changing Lives One Show At A Time

By Wendy Westerfield

As I sit watching the last show of our 2013-2014 breakdown season my smile couldn't get any bigger! Seeing 25 students from different walks of life, different schools, different churches, with totally different personalities come together for one purpose is incredible. These students have laughed together, cried together, worked hard to bring encouragement, and support not only each other as teammates but the students they come in contact with at every show. 

This show in particular was super special for me as former Breakdown director. I never imagined when God gave me this passion five years ago that it would be used as a tool to impact so many individuals. As I addressed the students after the performance, and I ended by reminding them of how each one of them has a purpose and that we are here to offer hope, a student came down and told me a little about her story. 

She had seen our show last year and really enjoyed it but this year it truly spoke to her. One of our scenes is about a girl everyone thinks is perfect but is dealing with anorexia. This student had been dealing with it for years. She had been in hospital after hospital trying to get it under control and get past the addiction that it can become! She was so thankful that we brought it up in our show and how it encouraged her. God nudged me to pray with her and so I did and have been praying for her daily since. 

This is just a small glimpse of how God is using this ministry to bring freedom to those with addictions, worth to those who feel worthless, hope to those who are hopeless and love for those who feel alone.