Karen's Place

Karen's Place

The walls are lined with shelves full of Similac, Pampers, and baby food jars. Look a little further and you’ll see strollers, cribs and other items which make parenting a little easier. And you likely know that these items are free to those involved in our Earn While You Learn program.   But do you know why it’s called Karen’s Place? 
Meet Suzanne. With her permission, we’re sharing with you a little part of her story. 




The word sparks different emotions for everyone.

Maybe you think of your own mom and smile. You can’t imagine life without her. She is your greatest cheerleader in good times and encourager in hard times.

Maybe it’s hard to even look at the word “mom” because you are reminded of a broken relationship, or perhaps one that never even began.

Perhaps you think of heaven, as you anxiously wait for the time when you can reunite. You reflect on the time you had with her and imagine what life would be like if she were still here.

Maybe the word doesn’t make you think of your biological mom at all. Maybe the real “mom” in your life has been one who has graciously stepped into that role for you.

Or maybe you’ve never experienced what it’s like to have a mother figure.

Maybe the first thing you think of is you.

Maybe you hear the words “Mommy” “Momma” or “Mom” no less than 52 times a day. You cherish the moments, yet at the same time wonder if you’ll make it through this phase of life with your sanity. You hope you don’t do anything to cause them to be less than their best in life, yet you also sense that ultimately you have little control.

Maybe you are Mom to some with no genetic relation, but you fit every description of Mom. You pour your time, energy and every ounce of love you can give into these people who rely on you. Your love is unconditional, and you don’t take this gift for granted.

Maybe you are overcome with sadness at the thought of the child who is no longer here, or of one you never got to meet. You push back the “what if” thoughts and try your best to move forward.

Maybe you’ve struggled with infertility, and the word “mom” is a painful reminder of the emptiness you long to fill.

Then again, maybe none of these describe you. You are unique and so is your situation. Yet the word “mom” no doubt brings forth some kind of emotion, be it positive, negative or a mix of both.

If you are celebrating, keep enjoying those sweet relationships. Know that you are so important to those around you. You won’t get things right all the time, but God can guide you and bless you in your role as mom or daughter. After all, He is your Father and knows each hair on your head. Also remember that there are those around you who are grieving. Be gracious.

If you are grieving, remember that you are loved. You are important. God has a plan beyond the pain, a plan that heals and restores.

This Mother’s Day, we celebrate you. We celebrate that your mom chose life and that you get to add meaning to the live of those around you.

Alpha is here to help if you need us.We are here to listen and pray. We also offer these specific services:

  • Pregnancy Loss Support
  • Post Abortion Support
  • Parenting Education and Earn While You Learn program (material assistance for you while you are pregnant and continuing until your child turns 2)
  • Free Pregnancy Tests
  • Free Ultrasounds

We recently moved into a larger space and will likely offer even more services in the near future.

We are made up of a staff and volunteer base of women who have experienced different walks of life. We each know different heartaches and different joys, but we all have a desire to encourage and help you in any way that we can.

Give us a call at 270-885-3820 to find out more.

A Note to the Pregnant Teen


Now what?

What will my parents say? Worse, what will they do?
What will my friends think of me? Teachers? Church?
What will my boyfriend do? Leave me? Is it even his?
What am I supposed to do? 
What about abortion? Can’t we end this and pretend like it never happened?

A baby? 

The timing isn’t always ideal. 

You might be beating yourself up for taking a chance. Maybe you thought you were careful enough. Maybe this was forced on you through rape or an abusive partner or even a family member.

You might feel hopeless. You might feel upset.

You’re not alone. You’re not the first to feel these feelings, and you won’t be the last. 

Let’s talk. That may be the last thing you want to do right now, but pretending it’s not real won’t make it go away.

The best thing about what we do: it's free and confidential.

How can we help? 
We can listen without judgment. You probably couldn’t surprise us; we’ve heard it all. And anything you don’t want to tell us is fine. It’s your business.
We can tell you if you really are pregnant. We can do a free pregnancy test. If it is positive, we can do a free ultrasound to see if there is a baby, if baby has a heartbeat, and how far along you are.
We can give you free stuff: prenatal vitamins, clothes (maternity and baby), information, referrals, local resources, etc. 
We have nurses who can answer any questions you have about pregnancy, doctor visits, sexually transmitted diseases and treatment options, etc.
We have caring staff and volunteers who will walk with you through this.

The best thing about what we do: it’s free and confidential. You can come by yourself, no matter your age. You can have a friend bring you. 

We’ve been helping pregnant women and families for 26 years. Let us help you. Don’t wait. Call us today for a free and confidential visit.

Alpha Pregnancy Care Center
Image Clear Ultrasound

Text Line:

Crisis Pregnancy

thinking woman.png

“Crisis”, as defined by various dictionaries, is:

  • “a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger”
  • “a time when a difficult or important decision must be made”
  • “disordered function”
  • “an emotionally significant event or radical change of status in a person’s life”

Intense difficulty.
Important decision.
Significant change in a person’s life.

Unplanned pregnancy.

Have you been pregnant and found yourself asking these questions:
How did this happen?
How am I going to afford a baby?
Am I going to be able to keep my job? Finish school?
Will anyone be here to help me?
How do I tell him it’s not his?
Should I have an abortion?

Maybe you haven’t experienced it. Take time to imagine these scenarios:

You are happily married with 3 kids, the youngest being 10. You’ve reached this stage where you no longer worry about dirty diapers or watching to make sure no one sticks something in an outlet or gets too close to the edge of the porch. You sleep til you want, exercise when you want, go to the bathroom by yourself. The teenage years certainly come with their own worries, but you’re thankful for the new challenges. Suddenly, the unexpected….you find yourself with a positive pregnancy test. You’ve been on the same birth control for nine years. How did this happen?? What do you do?

15 years old. What a fun, carefree life. Your biggest worry is what to wear to the dance next week. You have a supportive family and church group. You’re anticipating an acceptance letter into the Governor’s Scholar Program that starts in six months. You hate the thought of leaving that cute basketball player for a few weeks. You think back to that night a few weeks ago. It wasn’t as great as you were hoping, but he seemed happy about it, and you’d do anything to keep him around. Your family would be disappointed, but how could they find out? Your period is a little late, but it’s been irregular before. Surely you’re not…

It’s been a rough first year of marriage, to say the least. You love her. You would do anything for her, but you can’t seem to stop fighting. Money, school, house…everything is stressful. That girl at work seemed so fun, so easy to get along with. So you went out with her. No one had to know. You’ve since decided it was the wrong thing and you won’t see her again. But now she calls…and tells you she’s pregnant. 

Maybe you’ve been in one of these situations. Maybe your crisis was different—perhaps affected by abuse, neglect, drugs, or something else that would make pregnancy less than ideal. Maybe you were told you could never get pregnant and now you are and you’re not sure how to handle it. 

If you haven’t experienced unplanned pregnancy, chances are you know someone who has or is now.

Let us help. That’s what we’re here for. 

Alpha Alternative has been in Hopkinsville for over 25 years. We’ve been supporting women and families by providing pregnancy tests, education, resources, prayer, pregnancy loss class, post abortion healing, and material assistance. Now, we are doing even more to help. We are now providing free ultrasounds. We are able to confirm that a baby is in the uterus (where it should be), see if baby has a heart beat, and measure baby to give you accurate dating.

We’re providing prenatal vitamins, up to date information about prenatal care, health assessments, and much more—all for free thanks to our many generous supporters. 

Crisis pregnancy looks different for every person. We are here to listen and help without judgment, no matter who you are or what you’ve done. Everything you tell us is confidential. 

Call today. 

Alpha Alternative 270-885-3820
Image Clear Ultrasound 270-885-3171

God's Plans Are Better Than Our Plans

There are so many couples that enter into their life together with the shared dream of raising a family.  However, the statistics (from 2010) show that one out of every eight American couples will face infertility.  

That was our story, having an excitement and anticipation that can’t be measured, to begin and grow our family.  

Our dreams were shattered when the reality of our infertility set in.  After years of pursuing all the options modern medicine had to offer, we didn’t know how God was going to fulfill our dream of having a family.

Thankfully, God planned the better path.  A friend had suggested adoption, and frankly, that option never occurred to us.

Through our adoption journey, we became aware that organizations exist, such as Alpha Alternative.  Alpha has trained counselors who have an amazing heart to love people in crisis pregnancies (among the many sexual-health services offered by Alpha), and are equipped with the full counsel of God’s Word.  

We have personally experienced the beauty of what God does through Alpha’s ministry.  A birth-mother came and received care for her emotional, spiritual and material needs, all the while, receiving hope through God’s Word about the precious life that she is carrying.  

The birth-mother is encouraged to carry the child to birth, and place her child for adoption, which, in this couples opinion, is one of the greatest acts of love that any person can give another.

There’s so much more to the story, but, in the end, our family grew as a result of this beautiful child being born and becoming a part of our family.  Adoption is the heart of God, and is a perfect picture of how God loves us.  We are so thankful for His amazing plan for our family!

Thank you, Alpha Alternative, for your heart to deeply love birth-mothers in their greatest hour of need, and providing helphealing and hope to those who walk through your doors.

Breakdown – Changing Lives One Show At A Time

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