Alpha Alternative began its ministry reaching out to expecting mothers and those who have either lost a pregnancy or who had already decided to abort one.  However there was, and continues to be, a need to minister to youth about the risks of premarital sex and the value of ABSTINENCE.

Our counselors have spoken to young people in many area schools and organizations including:

  • Christian County Middle and High schools
  • Hopkinsville Middle and High schools
  • University Heights Academy
  • Heritage Christian Academy
  • Wassom and Mahaffey Middle schools on Fort Campbell
  • Trigg County Middle and High schools
  • Todd County Middle and High Schools
  • The YMCA
  • Many area churches

About Choosing the Best:

  • Educate on abstinence
  • Promote healthy relationships and positive self esteem
  • Describe the difference between love and infatuation
  • Teach boundaries
  • Practice refusal skills
  • Provide statistics
  • Teach the truths about 'safe sex'
  • Teach the consequences of pre-marital sex
  • Provide information regarding sexually transmitted diseases (STD's)

Please call our center today at (270) 885-3820 to schedule a time for our team to speak to your teens!


Our team strives to educate parents about the “Choosing the Best,” curriculum at the Pre and Post Meetings at each school.

To continue educating our community on the benefits of abstinence, we encourage you to invite us to come speak with your students. Our program can be tailored to meet your specific needs. 

Whether we share from a strictly educational perspective in a school setting or from a biblical viewpoint, we are confident that your youth will learn the dangers of risky sexual practices and be inspired to walk in purity. 

Our curriculum, “Choosing the Best,” uses an interactive media presentation including Power Point lectures, class discussions, videos, games, skits and demonstrations which allow the student to make an educated decision about engaging in sexual activity at an early age. 

This past year we have had over 3,000 youth encounters, sharing the abstinence message with school, civic, and youth groups.